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Serie of portraits for RWS

RWS - still - eddyClient Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-NederlandProject Serie of Portraits | In collaboration with Bex* Communications and Karlijn Meulman

Rijkswaterstaat has a large number of employees. Currently the districts of Limburg and North-Brabant are merging and it is unclear who their new colleagues are. What are these colleagues doing and what does their work environment looks like?

In six short films, six employees from the two different districts are portrayed in their various job functions. Studio APVIS captures the story of two experts in river management with a great passion for the Maas river, followed an expert in safety and accessibility and immersed ourselves in the office life of the two main districts.

It is through these personal stories that the core values of the organization are demonstrated. These portraits are a good starting point for discussion on the various departments. To strengthen the bond between the two departments, a storytelling approach has been chosen as a concept for these internal film productions.

Produced in collaboration with Bex* Communications and Karlijn
Meulman Rijkswaterstaat for Southern Netherlands.