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Poetry in Virtual Reality with poet Micha Hamel

Far Inside

VR-installation about life with schizophrenia

TiSIL: Making knowledge work

Stop motion paper animation

The New Body vr

Build your own dancer in Virtual Reality

Citro├źn Aircoservice

Infomercial about Airconditoner maintenance.

Freo FC Fan Challenge

This guy can play the PSV anthem on cups and bowls

MOEland, rijk van de armen teaser

Theaterplay in an old greenhouse


Frame by frame hand drawn animation.

ACM Safe house

Documentary about human trafficking

Opening Difference on Display

Videoportrait: Opening manifestation

BKKC Gloednieuw

Four film portraits for BKKC

Blind Love

How do you find love when you can’t see?

10 ways to get over an Artist Block

Some essential tips to get out of an artistic depression

Meidoornkade 14

Real estate visualization & serious game